Thursday, 18 May 2017

Cooking Pasta Salads~Prac Exam

Cooking Pasta Salads~Prac Exam

On Friday 19th of May I will be Cooking Pasta Salads, here are the equipments, ingredients and procedure to make it:


Potato peelers

Procedure (by steps):
1. Boil water (3 cups)
2. Add pinch of salt and around a teaspoon of oil
3. Boil pasta
4. Cook vegetables in separate pan
5. Remove pasta and vegetables from pan
6. Drain water in colander and place colander on top of pan
7. Let pasta and vegetables cool
8. Remove pasta and vegetables and put on desired plate
9. To decorate add mint leaves

Thursday, 30 March 2017



Our school canteen has a variety of different choices. As healthy foods they have, cheese and bacon rolls, sushi, wraps, lasagne, mac and cheese and more I haven't tried. As junk food they have, chips, cookies, hot dogs, juice boxes, ice tea, eucalyptus drops and a variety of choices. My favourites are the cheese and bacon rolls, mac and cheese, hot dogs and ice tea. I might need to try the rest of the foods. But in health, I rate this canteen a 5-10 and in good food, probably a 7-10. Tips to improve the canteen are to have a menu with the price and maybe more healthy foods.
Hope this is what you also think about the canteen.


What actually happened with the Pasta

Phoebe and I have made our pasta. We first started by boiling our water for a few minutes. Once it boiled we put our pasta in and let that heat up. Phoebe cut all the tomatoes, carrots, celery and cucumbers while I made my very special pink sauce. With pink sauce, get tomato sauce and cream, make sure you put a few tablespoons of sauce and 1 tablespoon of cream, if you want, 2 tablespoons of cream. Once I made the sauce, I went on with the tuna, I opened the packet of tuna and removed the oil, I put it in a plate with 1 tablespoon of cream, I made sure that it was soft so it would be easier to eat. Phoebe put the mix of vegetables and tuna together into the sauce, she mixed it up and left it. Once the pasta was hot we let it out for a bit and removed all the water. We obviously added salt. We then mixed all the ingredients together and had the pasta. It was very delicious.

Washing hands

Washing Hands

Washing hands are easy, but there can be different steps to wash hands. 

1. Turn the tap on
2. Get a decent amount of soap on your hand
3. Scrub your palms and back of palms together
4. Scrub all fingers and nails to remove all dirt and germs
5. Rinse until no soap is to be seen.



With Phoebe and Tamiah

Phoebe and I made some delicious smoothies with banana, mixed berries and a small amount of milk. We first got our ingredients and blended them in the blender for less than 5 minutes. We had a few test tries to see if it was good enough. Once we had our desired taste, we added them into 2 different glasses. Phoebe thought it would be nice to add a banana on the glass and make it look all cute.